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Our History

From the late 1970s until 1998, John and Myrth Brenneman along with a board made up of representatives from four Mennonite churches, administered what was known as the Mennonite Home or the Brenneman Home.  It provided supervised-living for up to eight mentally disabled adult women.

The Brennemans gifted the home to Sunshine Inc. of Toledo so it could continue to be used in a similar manner. After 10 years Sunshine determined that state regulations made it no longer feasible to operate as a group home and placed the house on the market.

Brice (son of John and Myrth) and Lydia Brenneman purchased the home from Sunshine with the intention of using it for some ministry-related cause. Under their guidance, it has been a haven of refugees from Ethiopia.  It was used briefly for families with the local Family Promise program.  The home was also used for people who needed low income housing. 

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